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15/11/2020 | General


Hi. Hello. √údv.

(that last one was some weird thing, Hungarian to be precise)

I'm not sure what this is going to be but after a long talk with my best friend the other day, I let myself to be convinced to start the blog I've been thinking about.

Just do it! Try it! What can go wrong?

I'm not a 100% fluent in English - though I do try - so let me know if there's something off. Also I'm not yet sure whether I will be doing this in English, or in Hungarian... or hell even properly learn another language and go for that... there shall be experimentation too.

Oh and what is this all about?

Crocheting... for now anyways, I think there will be some other things too, like knitting, beading and other crafts, as well as recipes or just general food talk, and sometimes, maybe other things, like a book or movie review (which I will probably watch while crocheting)... Anyways, I think it'll be alright.

I might even delude myself to think that people read this... Right?

So yeah. Here it goes.

thank youcraftcrochet