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11/12/2020 | Patterns

Overwhelmed infinity scarf

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So… I just started the blog. Like, the other day, right? And honestly, I'm scared, overwhelmed and totally out of it already.

I am a 10000000000% (read gazillion) overthinking it, hating every moment and just am generally way in over my head. So what do I do?

Obviously I start crocheting instead.

I bought this amazing chunky wool yarn on whim (duh) when I went to a local yarn shop. I had this wrap / wearable blanket idea for it, I figured a simple pattern that I would have liked, thought about yardage and bought the yarn. 5 skeins of it. Newbie mistake, you always need MORE yarn than expected. Always.

Chunky wool yarn

Regardless, I started making the wrap thought about how wide it should be… at 2 skeins used up, i just knew that it's not going to be enough, but then again, it wasn't long enough or wide enough to be a scarf.

  1. I frog. froggity frog.
  2. I make it into a cowl… well, infinity scarf I guess. (wrapped around twice was just perfectly snug)

So I went with the latter, as I really hate frogging. I used up skein no. 3, and obviously lost to yarn chicken, so went for about 1/3 of skein 4 (maybe a bit less. Finished the row and added another). Then I stitched the ends together, and voilá, a scarf.

3 hours, a bit of meditation-like mindset, and my worries forgotten. For a short while I even had decent lights, so I could snap a few pictures.

I also had to go get groceries, so I already took the scarf for a trip and a short walk this morning (this is me writing about it the next day). It's wool, so it's a bit scratchy, and I'll need to do something with the frizz, but it's super warm, even against the cold winter wind, fits super snuggly and I still adore the color. A keeper for sure!

The pattern


Yarn: Happy Sheep Woolpower big - I used 3 skeins and a bit
Hook: 8mm


FHDC as many as long it takes to wrap twice around your head with a bit extra. As I was originally not making a scarf out of it, I didn't even count, just put it around my arm for the wrap it was going to be, so I was lucky it fit. It was (counted afterwards) 58 sts for me. I wish it was maybe +5 stitches or so looser, if you want to make it wrap more or even more loose, add as many stitches as it feels right for you.

Rows 2-10:
sc2 and turn (counts as hdc) HDC in back loop only across (58sts)

Connect the ends:
Fold in half along the lengthy side, if you have a "right side" preference, keep that together (wrong side out after folding). I did have a preference, I managed to hide my knots where I extended the yarn on the same side, so that was going to be the inside of the scarf for me.

SC along, with inserting the hook in the stitch or the 2sc "stitch" on both sides. This will create a bit of a ridge, and make it easier to identify the outside of the scarf when wearing.

Weave in the ends, and you have yourself a new scarf (or a gift for that scarf-lover friend of yours that you've been thinking about getting something, but not sure what and you are soooo running out of time. never happened to me. never. heavy sarcasm included, unfortunately hard to convey in writing).

Finished chunky scarf


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