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05/12/2020 | Patterns

Chill the pill

It's way too cute.

Just look at those eyes! Basically begging for a hug!

I just sent a small package to my SO, as I have been missing him dearly. I included some snacks, a hoodie, and this ami / pillow / huggable thing.

There's a small story behind it. When we are on a call, especially when we decide to watch some series / movies, I usually end up with a crochet project in hand. It's a nice way to occupy my hands, and especially with the simpler WIPs (imagine repetitve blanket patterns) I even have to look at what I'm crocheting anymore. Which is awesome.

And with my obsession, I sometimes share some ideas with my SO (he has to live with the end result afterall), and as we usually tell each other to take a chill pill, especially if a rant about work or something else gets too much, so when I showed a version of it to him, he wanted one.

Now, to be fair, I never told him what it was, when I started. Then it started resembling half-a-pill, so he was suspicious. Then, I even switched colors... and started trying eyes on. Originally I wanted a smaller eye, but he convinced me to go with the bigger ones. We could not stop laughing after he pointed out how casually I pulled out a bag of filling from behind my TV where I stashed it out of view.

I had so much fun making this sweetheart.

The pattern

Here is the original pattern to where I got the idea from. I found it on... wait for it... Pinterest.

I used Happy Chunky Double yarn from hobbii, in colors white (17873) and warm red (17881), one 50g skein each. It was a dream to work with this yarn, it was just enough and it's SO soft. I'm already thinking about other amigurumi to make with it.

Another difference from the pattern, I actually started with the white end, and as the yarn needed, I used an 8mm hook. My pill ended up at around 30cm or so (I didn't actually measure it before sending it, oops!) and I increased until i had 30 stitches around, then made 11 rows before changing colors.

Update (09/12/2020)
My SO received the package today, and cuddled the pill(ow) all evening while we were on a call.

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