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27/11/2020 | General

Black Friday 2020

While I'm fairly sure you see "Black Friday" everywhere right now, I decided to hop on the train but here you won't really find any discounts as of now. Instead here's a short personal story.


I'm an impulse buyer. Especially if it comes to my crafts: I have way too many beads and beading supplies, yarn, yarn and I think I forgot to mention how I have even more yarn… crochet hooks and knitting needles, embroidery threads, and I'm not even sure what else! I also usually impulse buy books - I have a way too long list to read, probably worth their own post, if not an entire blog about it!

So, for the past few weeks, I've been trying to behave, and practice some mindfulness when looking around for project ideas and supplies for them. I have built up an expensive cart at one of my favorite yarn shops and then as they started the BF2020 promos a whole 10 days (!!) early, I added so. much. more. to that cart. Then, one-by-one, I went through all the items in there - to see if I can eliminate some spending, to really really only get what I need, or I really want and is discounted.

I'll have some of my order picks listed here, with the justification:

2 skeins of red and white 8/8 cotton (4 skeins total): I have a gift idea for my SO with these, have been planning for a while - now I will be making it for Christmas for sure.

3 skeins of the most beautiful color-changing wool yarn: I was literally dreaming about these for months, and they got such a discount that I figured, now's the time! Keep an eye out for a project post!

Large quantities of acrylic yarn - I love working with acrylic yarn, and I have a few ideas in mind for each of the colors/batches I got. It's also fairly cheap (per project) to test out new techniques and I had some recommendations for arylic yarn for some wearables.

Wool sock yarn - I actually got these with my 'pointshop' points, had some previously, and am already building a c2c scarf with it, I just needed some more yarn. I might use one of the skeins for an actual pair of socks, who knows?

And then there's the rest. The rest of yarn and tools that I did not end up ordering. It was a great great test of will - and believe me I didn't even check my carts on other pages!

I'm overall super proud of me for not spending too much (went over my budget by only about 2%, which is AMAZING) and I think this was an excellent opportunity to learn more about my spending habits, yarn hoarding, and responsible decisions.

I consider this Black Friday's not-too-much-spending experience a success!

p.s. I didn't really have time to shop around - I spent most of the BF week creating my blog!

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