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About Rekas

I'm Reka, a young woman in love with crafts, all things handmade and creative.

I started crocheting long years back. My mom taught me some basics but I never made any projects really, just playing around with yarn, chaining and stitching - basically not disturbing my parents.

Then I abandoned crocheting, as there seemed to be no point (yet again, without any actual projects) all up until the 2020 qurantine when I needed a creative outlet (who didn't... - one of my friends started reading more, another started to do embroidery, etc).

I picked up crocheting again, and lo-and-behold, I now have a large yarn stash, a larger WIP pile, and more ideas than I could ever count.

I'll use this platform to show my progress, my plans, my ideas, and hopefully (eventually), I'll also be able to create my own patterns.. maybe even a full-time crochet business?

Let's hope, work for it, and see where it all goes.

Let me know if there's a pattern I should check out, I'm always looking for more ideas!

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